It’s a snow day here in Chicago. Schools are closed and such… I, however, am in the bed wandering the inter-webs per usual. I am making no effort to make my life seem any more interesting than it is in this very moment. I decided to start typing things using this peculiar platform. Unfamiliar software makes me anxious (as do many other things, you’ll learn).

Twitter became too boring.

CORRECTION: I bet my roommate and best friend that I could refrain from tweeting until my birthday which is in February. This bet has forced me to realize how much I appreciated being able to rant to the general public. Although I miss Twitter very much not at all, I STILL GOTS TA EXPRESS MAHSELF! You can think of this blog thingy as a more structured, less random version of my twitter shenanigans… OKAY, you caught me! This will be every bit as random and unstructured as my twitter rants. What’s the difference, you ask? The character limit, of course.

Facebook became too personal.

It’s like my family reunion… online.

Picture explanation: I was frantically stepping down from a ledge. A ledge which could have brutally killed me or severely injured me had I fallen off the other side. I didn’t have the balls to even take the picture. The dialogue is as follows…


Marissa: OK here, let me take your picture

Me: *steps on ledge and looks down*

My stomach: *nearly falls out of ass*

Me: Nope. Nope. Hell no, fuck this.

Marissa: *snaps picture*


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